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Man Gets Finger Stuck in a Sex Toy Vending Machine, Has to Be Rescued

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SOURCE:  DailyMail

CHINA — A man in China had to be rescued after getting his finger stuck in a sex toy vending machine.

The man, known by the pseudonym of Zhu, said he was trying to reach a product he had paid for through a small hole when his hand was jammed, according to Chinese media.

Zhu was trapped for 20 minutes or so before being freed on Sunday night.

The incident took place near a clinic in the city of Cixi in Zhejiang Province, said Zhejiang Firefighting Department which rescued Zhu.

Zhu claimed that he had paid for the unspecified product on his mobile phone, but the product failed to drop to the vending machine’s receiving slot.

He claimed to the police that he called the machine’s customer service hotline, but the representatives weren’t able to help, therefore he had to solve the problem by himself, reported Zhejiang Youth Daily.

After seeing a small hole on a panel of the machine, Zhu decided to put his right ring finger into the hole in a bid to reach the product, the report said. But his finger got firmly stuck.

Zhu had to call firefighters for help.

The report said the rescuers used a special polishing machine to cut through the panel before using a stick to crack it.

Zhu was freed after a 10-minute rescue effort.

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