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Tenn. Man Arrested for Assault After Throwing Really Hard Biscuit at Ex-Girlfriend

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Nashville, TN — A man was arrested in Nashville, Tennessee, after he was accused of throwing a biscuit at his ex-girlfriend’s face.

WKRN reported that the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department said Jeffrey Tomerlin, 45, saw his ex-girlfirend in a car with her new boyfriend.

Tomerlin allegedly walked up to the car and threw the biscuit “really hard,” injuring the woman, police said. He also charged at the car, punching the hood, and threatening to kill the couple. He also yelled racial slurs, according to a WKRN report.

Police said during Tomerlin’s arrest, he repeatedly banged his head inside the police cruiser. He was taken to a local hospital to be examined before he was charged with public intoxication, vandalism and assault, and booked into the Metro jail.

Tomerlin was jailed on $3,100 bond.

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