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Ben is Back in Rehab and Snoop Loves his Mac n Cheese!

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1 claims Ben Affleck is staying in a $130,000 room at his rehab center. He will take part in meditation and private therapy sessions. The Dalai Lama has used the rehab center’s sweat lodge. Horseback riding, a professional chef and personal trainers are also available

Radar Online claims Bill Cosby is allegedly converting his money into Bitcoin in order to protect it from creditors, the government and his wife. A source tells the website; “He moved close to $5 million in Bitcoin after an expert told him it’s practically untraceable and impossible for anyone but him to retrieve. The expert said it couldn’t be taken in a divorce, bankruptcy or by the government in any liens!”

Ace Showbiz claims Snoop Dogg is writing a cookbook called “From Cook to Crook”. It will contain 5,000 of his favorite recipes. He says, “You know it’s blazin’ up in my kitchen. I’m takin’ the cookbook game higher with a dipped and whipped collection of my favorite recipes, ya dig?”. Snoop loves baked macaroni and cheese, baby back ribs and chicken and waffles

The NY Post claims Sarah Jessica Parker was spotted in New York yesterday wearing pink high heels along with silky mustard-striped pajama pants. She was carrying a hot pink purse. Sarah was reportedly shooting an ad for a clothing company. The pajama pants cost $79. Sarah once wore heels and pajama bottoms during a Sex and the City episode

Naughty Gossip claims Angelina Jolie is removing Brad Pitt from her life. A source tells the website; “Every picture and reminder of Brad has been removed from her homes. When she left him and the family house, she left everything behind – all the furniture and memories. She literally left with just the kids, clothes and a toothbrush. Brad is dead to her. But now she has gone even further and demanding that no one mention his name around her or the kids. She calls him the ‘mistake.’ As far as she is concerned her kids are ‘Jolie’s’ not ‘Pitt’s.’

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