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Mustard Pizza Is the Latest Food Trend Dividing the Internet

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Mustard Pizza Is the Latest Food Trend Dividing the Internet

SOURCE: US Magazine/Lions & Tigers & Squares

SOURCE:  USMagazine

As seen in a video shared by Food Insider on Tuesday, September 4, a pizzeria called Lions & Tigers & Squares in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood serves a Detroit-style pie that uses a generous helping of mustard in place of tomato sauce. The savory dish is also topped with corned beef and sauerkraut, and each pizza features nearly half a pound of brick cheese.

The brick cheese topping is a characteristic of Detroit-style pizza, as is the pie’s square shape and very thick crust. However, mustard pizza actually traces its roots back to Trenton, New Jersey. As Lions & Tigers & Squares partner Francis Garcia explains in the video, the unusual dish was born when a drunk man walked into Papa’s Tomato Pie and ordered a mushroom pizza, which the cook misheard as mustard pizza because the man was slurring.

Although the Detroit-style mustard pizza is unusual, Garcia says the pie actually works. “You would think that all that mustard is overpowering, but it’s really not. You have the mustard instead of the tomato sauce, so the mustard acts like an acid like the way pizza sauce would,” he explains. “Who doesn’t like a cheese sandwich with mustard on it?”

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