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This Mom-to-Be Is Tracking Her Baby’s Growth Using Taco Bell Foods

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This Mom-to-Be Is Tracking Her Baby's Growth Using Taco Bell Foods

SOURCE: Twitter@kelseymcmullen

It’s common for mamas-to-be to share updates via social media on all things pregnancy-related, including food comparisons to the size of the baby. Kentucky resident Kelsey McKain has been super creative during her pregnancy. She decided to document the growth of her baby using a measurement system that will surely resonate with many, pregnant or not — food from Taco Bell.

Kelsey told the chain, “I was brainstorming with my family and my brother-in-law suggested Taco Bell and I thought ‘Of course!’ It seemed so obvious.” From there, she perused the Taco Bell menu and created a week-by-week spreadsheet, which included how big the baby would be and a corresponding T-Bell menu item.

Kelsey started documenting on Twitter when she was 13 weeks pregnant, at which point Baby McKain was the size of a hot sauce packet. So litttttttttle!

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