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Kirk Cousins Seeks Trademark Rights to ‘You Vike That’

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Kirk Cousins Seeks Trademark Rights to 'You Vike That'

Good Parts Media/ProFootballTalk

SOURCE:  ProFootballTalk/NBC Sports

The quarterback who most recently played in the nation’s capital is definitely a capitalist.

Despite earning nearly $44 million in 2016 and 2017 combined and having $84 million guaranteed over the next three years, Kirk Cousins wants to cash in, potentially, with a twist to his catch phrase.

Yes, Cousins wants to own the trademark rights to “You Vike That!”

Ben Goessling of the Minneapolis Star Tribune spotted a Thursday filing that grants an extension of time to file an opposition to the application. The original application came on March 20, only days after Cousins had signed with the Vikings.

The potential opponents to the filing are the NFL and the Vikings, given that “Vike” is a shorthand reference to the legally-protected nickname of the team. Which could put Cousins and the Vikings in an awkward spot, to say the least.

While the Vikings may be tempted to give Cousins a pass (especially since the phrase feels more than a little forced), the Vikings and the NFL have a duty to guard their trademarks or risk losing them. So it appears that the Vikings and their new quarterback could be on track for a legal conflict, just as the Vikings and their new quarterback try to get a new season on track.

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