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Selena Gomez Unleashes a Cavalcade of Cleavage on Instagram [PIC]

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Selena Gomez Unleashes a Cavalcade of Cleavage on Instagram [PIC]

SOURCE: Instagram@selenagomez

SOURCE:  The Blast

Selena Gomez is at the center of two very big rumors, and she may have just settled the ridiculous debate once and for all.

For some time, the fans of Selena have wondered whether she had undergone any enhancement surgery.

On Saturday night, the “Back to You” singer shared a photo of herself enjoying a cocktail with a “take no b.s.” look on her face, as well as showing off some insane cleavage.

Loyal followers of the star immediately started commenting on her assets. One person theorized “So that’s where she’s been. Recovering from a boob job.”

Another fan jumped to Selena’s defense and explained “You do realize that the dress is tight and is pushing her boobs so they look bigger,” while another just wondered “I dont understand why she got work done. She is so beautiful.”

Whether there is any truth to the rumors — and Selena has never addressed the issue one way or the other — in the end all that really matters is the star is clearly comfortable with her body.

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