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The Internet Says Aaron Rodgers Fakes It

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The Internet Says Aaron Rodgers Fakes It

SOURCE: BroBible

SOURCE:  BroBible

Amongst Sunday’s NFL action, fans saw the Chicago Bears rack-up a 20-point lead over the Green Bay Packers – only to see them blow it and lose by the score of 24-23. The biggest story of that game was seeing Aaron Rodgers being carted off the field with a leg injury, and then come back limping into the game to lead the comeback.

Not all football fans were convinced, however. All over the Twittersphere, football junkies were quick to call out Rodgers for faking the injury in the first place, so he could come back in the second half and “save the day.” First, came the comparisons to Paul Pierce, who came back from a “devastating” injury in the NBA Finals.

“@AaronRodgers12 “needing” the cart then coming back is like Paul Pierce needing the wheelchair in the finals. Fake and pathetic.” (Mason Rose)

“I see you @AaronRodgers12 , but you are supposed to fake it in the finals, for FULL EFFECT,” @paulpierce34 #AaronRodgers (Jimmy P-Town)

Then, it just piled-on from there:

“So, Aaron Rodgers fakes injuries now?” (Kirbs TM)

“I love how Aaron Rodgers pulled of a LeBron James fake injury when nothing significant happened. Aaron Rodgers is a great quarterback and also an amazing actor!!” (Szymon Madej)

“How the hell do the Packers come back in the 4th quarter after playing like absolute dog s— the first half? @AaronRodgers12, did you just need to fake an injury quick to get the attention back on you for a minute? Garbage.” (Chelsea)

Then, of course, was the inevitable meme of a picture of Rodgers with a helmet covered grin that read: “I just had to poop!” Keep it classy, people!



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