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Morning Sex Makes You Better at Your Job

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Morning Sex Makes You Better at Your Job

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Source:  Marie Claire

Researchers at Mattress Advisor surveyed nearly 1,000 Aussies living with a partner about their bedroom habits.

53 percent of all men said morning sex had a positive effect on their productivity and more than 45 percent of women agreed. On the other hand, 42.9 percent of us believed it had no influence over the rest of the day’s proceedings, while 11.9 per cent reckon they got less done post doing the deed.

But not only can a sunrise romp make you better at your job, previous studies show it also boasts a heap of other positives: it’s the ultimate mood booster, blood pressure reducer, energiser and it increases relationship satisfaction, too.

As if you needed another excuse to throw the leg over first thing, eh!?

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