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Harry Wants a toupee and JLo fell on her Butt

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Naughty Gossip claims Prince Harry has thought about getting a toupee. A source tells the website; “Harry has been going bald for a few years but unlike his brother William, he is trying to fight the losing battle. Harry has been in a little bit of denial, but after all the recent press since the wedding he has confronted the facts and is now considering what to do about it. Getting treatments, taking pills and even wearing a wig are all opinions on the table. Nothing has been ruled out, including shaving his entire head.”

Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims George Clooney’s wife, Amal, is trying to find a boyfriend for Jennifer Aniston. A source tells the magazine: “Amal knows plenty of intelligent, sexy, successful men who would jump at the chance to date Jen, and has been busy compiling a list of eligible bachelors.

that The NY Post claims a cameraman, named James Kent, is suing Jim Gaffigan because Jim’s 11 year-old daughter hit him in the head with a soccer ball. Jim was filming a TV commercial when his daughter booted the ball that hit Kent in the head. Kent says he suffered a head injury and has been unable to work

MSN Reports The NY Post claims 78 year-old Al Pacino is dating an Israeli actress and singer, who is half his age. A source says the actor and 39 year-old Meital Dohan had been keeping their relationship a secret.

TMZ claims Jennifer Lopez was performing in Las Vegas on Saturday when she fell on her butt. A front-row fan helped her up before she began singing again.

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