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Ohio University Freshman’s Blunder on a Paper Goes Viral

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Ohio University Freshman's Blunder on a Paper Goes Viral

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Athens, OH — If Monday is getting you down, we’re here to supply you with a chuckle, which comes compliments of Ohio University. John Hendel is a first-year MFA student there, and received an email from a freshman in the performance studies class he’s teaching, reports the Cincinnati EnquirerBuzzFeed has a screenshot of Zoey Oxley’s email, which very formally and apologetically explains that when writing a paper she forgot Hendel’s name and put in a “completely inappropriate” placeholder that she forgot to edit before electronically submitting it; she discovered there was no way to fix it. “I hope this does not reflect what you think of me and that the next assignment I can address by the correct name,” she concludes.

Hendel read the email but says he didn’t think much of it, assuming his name was just misspelled. On Wednesday he tweeted, “I was like, ‘Thanks, whatever, nbd.’ Then I got to their paper and saw their instructor was ‘Professor whats his nuts.'” Proving himself to be a good sport (or savvy about our viral world), Hendel’s Twitter name now reads “Professor whats his nuts.” Oxley herself tweeted about it Thursday and has garnered more than 600,000 likes; add in the 350,000 likes on Hendel’s tweet and they’re nearing a combined 1 million. The Enquirer rounds up responses to the tweets—which include similar tales of woe, like one from a student who named her file “The Butts Karamazov” and forgot to edit it.

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