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UN Global Warming Report: The World Is Coming To An End

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UN Global Warming Report: The World Is Coming To An End

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Source: Men’s Journal

Nothing worse than waking up and hearing about how the world might be coming to an end. Again. But that’s the word from the UN. They’re calling on governments to act now and avoid disastrous levels of global warming. Basically, the report talks about how the world’s average temperature will rise to above what it was in the preindustrial era. In other words, they’re saying we’re screwed if we don’t cut back on the habits that have caused this issue.

How bad are they trying to scare us? Talk of “worsening food shortages and wildfires,” as well as mass die-off of coral reefs as soon as 2040. The good news (if you subscribe to this whole thing) – we can stop the progression. Like how? Like this:

Transportation:We can all try to travel less and when we do, make sure we choose better ways to get there like car sharing and hybrid and electric cars.

Buildings:Stop using so much electricity in your home. Start embracing things like smart thermostats or more efficient air conditioners.

Diets:Get away from eating steak and meat every day. Livestock (aka cow farts) are estimated to account for nearly 15% of greenhouse gas emissions globally.

Why none of this is guaranteed to change anything, just be a good human.


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