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Kaley Wants Kids and Britney’s Son is a Baller

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Entertainment Weekly claims HBO used a drone killer to keep fans of Game of Thrones from videotaping any of the final episodes. The electronic device resembles a gun and disables drones before forcing them to the ground. HBO did not want fans flying drones over sets.

OK! magazine claims Kaley Cuoco and her husband, Karl, may have kids now that “The Big Bang Theory” is ending. A source tells the magazine; ”Kaley now sees it as a blessing in disguise. Karl has been eager to start a family for a while, but it was hard for Kaley to imagine juggling a pregnancy with shooting a primetime TV show. Now that she’s had the chance to catch her breath, she’s actually relieved the series is ending. Kaley has told her close friends that she hopes to be pregnant by year’s end.”

The Daily Mail reports claims Channing Tatum’s ex-wife, Jenna Dewan, doesn’t mind that he is dating British pop star Jessie J. A source tells the website; “Jenna is in a really good place right now, she’s very happy and has no interest in getting back together with Channing so the news that he’s dating Jessie J isn’t upsetting for her at all.

MSN reports OK! magazine claims Britney Spears is grooming her 13-year-old son Sean to become an NFL player. A source tells the site; “Britney’s pouring thousands of dollars into private lessons and has even hired a former pro football player to coach him after school. Britney’s constantly taking pictures of him on the field for her photo album. She’s convinced he’s going to be a star.”

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