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9 thoughts to help brighten your day

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You’ve made someone laugh.

If you’re feeling blue, recall a time where you and a loved one laughed so hard your belly hurt. Isn’t it nice to know that you’ve brought joy to someone’s life in some capacity? Research shows that laughing can reduce our stress and boost our memory. Seems like laughter really is the best medicine.

You’re someone’s best friend.

Genuine friends are hard to come by, but when we find them, they’re one of our most cherished resources. Who else knows you better? As a friend, you help reduce your BFF’s stress, boost their happiness and even may help them live longer. Props to you for being that rock!

You’ve survived a major change.

Climbing mountains and overcoming challenges is an inevitable part of life — and chances are, you’ve already conquered several of them (graduating from high school or proving yourself in the workplace, anyone?). If you’re ruminating on a current “mistake” or “failure,” remember that it’s only temporary. By pushing through life’s obstacles, you open yourself up to improvement. Cheers to that.

You’re never too young or too old to try something new.

Age really is just a number. Mozart was only 5 when he became competent on the violin, and Leonardo da Vinci was 51 when he painted the Mona Lisa. Success has no expiration date — and neither should your dreams.

You’re in charge of your own happiness.

It may seem like you’re on the constant pursuit of happiness, but we’re here to be the bearers of good news: Joy isn’t as elusive as you think. Instead of waiting for happiness to come to you, some experts believe you have the power to make it happen all on your own — and it all starts with a few simple tricks. Check out these research-backed ways to take control of your own happiness.

There’s always one good thing about your day.

Most of your waking hours may have been rotten, but if you think about it, there has to be one silver lining in a day full of dark clouds. It may be as simple as seeing your dog or catching the subway right as it pulls up to the platform, but even a little victory is still a victory. Plus, thinking about what you’re grateful for has been shown to increase positive feelings and optimism, which is just what you need when you’re feeling down.

You have the power to improve someone’s mood.

All it takes is five seconds and a quick grin to transform a bad attitude into a happier one. Research shows smiling at a stranger can make people feel more connected. Not to mention, smiling may also boost your mood. It’s a win-win for everyone (and it makes the world a nicer place).

You live in a world where random acts of kindness exist.

It can be easy to focus on all the negative news, but when you’re feeling down about the state of the world, just remember that generosity also exists. From everyday heroes like the business owner who gave food and gloves to a man in need to charitable celebrities like Taylor Swift, who helped one fan pay her student loans, a whole lot of good can be found if you choose to look for it. Looking to pay it forward? Check out these random acts of kindness you can do any day of the week.

Someone loves you for exactly who you are.

Whether it be your parents, your partner, your friends or even the pup above, there’s someone in the universe that accepts and loves you unconditionally. Research shows that love can improve our mental health and boost our heart health, among many other benefits. Now that’s something to feel good about.


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