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Meghan’s baby is gonna cost millions and Amy says being a woman sucks-

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AOL reports that OK! magazine claims Meghan Markle’s birth is expected to cost British taxpayers $2 million. Twenty specialists are being hired to help deliver the baby. The doctors and medical staffers are on call 24 hours a day. Meghan will deliver her child in a $9,750 a night hospital suite.

Naughty Gossip claims Ariana Grande is planning to return her $93,000 engagement ring to Pete Davidson. A source tells the website; “Ariana needs to take a minute away from the spotlight and just be alone to figure out who she is. She is giving him the ring back and has no plans of getting back together with him. She is broken but she is strong and surrounded by her family and loved ones, all who never liked Pete to begin with.”

The Miami Herald claims Kanye West met with Uganda’s President yesterday. He gave him a pair of his Yeezy sneakers. Kim and Kanye are vacationing in a national park in the country. Kanye is recording music in a tent. Kanye wants to build a hospitality school in Uganda

Amy Schumer tells the Armchair Expert Podcast that she feels sorry for attractive women. “Being a woman sucks. It’s very difficult, and something else that we’ve all realized is like, we are sexualized like, all the time – even when it seems crazy – so I feel really bad for these girls who are so hot because guys can’t handle it. You can’t have a conversation. Everything’s gonna skew sexual and you’re gonna be treated differently. And honestly, I actually feel really bad for them.”

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