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Man Nearly Loses His Penis After Strangling It Between Two Ball Bearings

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Source:  The Sun

It’s  hardly unusual for a man to try new things to boost his sex life – but metal ball bearings are probably a bad idea.

One man, from India, found out the hard way when he clamped two industrial steel ball bearings to the base of his penis.

The 33-year-old left them on for two weeks before he went to hospital complaining of pain and swelling you-know-where.

When doctors took a peek down below they found an “engorged tender penis” with ball bearings “strangulating the root of penis”, which has caused some of the skin to begin to rot.

The patient was at a high risk for gangrene of the penis, according to the British Medical Journal case report.

As the ball bearings were cutting off the blood supply doctors at King George’s Medical University in India had to act quickly.

They tried removing the clamped metal ring using several methods, including reducing swelling of the penis and a surgical wire saw, but nothing worked.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and doctors resorted to using a motorised electric marble cutting tool.

A chilled saline drip was inserted into the man’s penis to keep it cool while the power tool was used.

It took 15 minutes for medics to cut the rings free and insert a catheter to help the man pee – at this stage his penis was so swollen they weren’t sure if it would work properly again.

After two days the man’s member was considerably less swollen and the catheter was taken out a week later.

On the two week follow up the patient said he was able to get an erection but he had developed a urethrocutaneous fistula, meaning a hole had opened up between his urethra and perineum.

He is currently having psychiatric counselling and doctors are treating his fistula.

“Penile strangulation by steel ball bearings can occur uncommonly secondary to their placement for sexual gratification,” Dr Gaurav Garg who treated the man wrote in the BMJ report.

“If left untreated they have the potential to cause penile gangrene, urethral injury and erectile dysfunction.”

Dr Garg said in some situations unconventional methods, like an electric marble cutter, must be used to remove the foreign object or risk the penis rotting off.

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