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A Ghost Named ‘Bill’ Tells Fla. Inmate to Smash a TV in Jail

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A Ghost Named 'Bill' Tells Fla. Inmate to Smash a TV in Jail


Source:  TCPalm

Indian River Co., FL — Everyone’s heard of Casper the Friendly Ghost. But how about “a ghost named Bill”?

A 46-year-old Indian River County Jail inmate on Oct. 7 reported to investigators that “a ghost named Bill” told him to swing a broom at a television to get out of jail, an affidavit states.

Vincent Foggy is accused of taking a long handle broom and hitting a flat screen television in the jail, damaging the TV.

Security footage shows Foggy swinging the broom at a flat screen TV, valued at about $300, on the wall.

Foggy said to deputies “he was told by ‘a ghost named Bill’ to swing the broom at the television in order to get out of jail,” the affidavit states.

Rather than being freed from incarceration, Foggy was arrested on a criminal mischief charge in connection with the alleged TV bashing.

It wasn’t immediately clear whether “a ghost named Bill” shares any criminal liability.

Foggy had been in jail following a number of arrests, including an alleged sex offender registration-related violation.

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