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Chandler likes dating Monica look a likes and Betty wants to talk to her dead dog-

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The Daily Mail Reports Jamie Lee Curtis tells People magazine that she earned $8,000 for starring in the original Halloween movie. Producers gave her $200 to buy her own wardrobe at JCPenney.

Rosie O’Donnell allegedly told Closer Weekly Magazine that she and her fiance, Elizabeth Rooney, may have children or adopt. “Well, I think I’m done, but you never know with me. There could be a phone call like what happened with [my adopted daughter] Dakota, and you know, here we go. So I don’t know. I’m 56 years old but another part of me, like my son said — when Dakota first was born, my oldest boy Parker said, ‘You know mommy you’re the happiest when you have a baby around.’ He’s like, ‘I’d like to tell you to stop but you’re the happiest and it’s the truth!’”

Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims Jennifer Garner is allegedly tossing everything that reminds her of Ben Affleck. A source tells the magazine; “Expensive clothes, handbags, some workout, and sports equipment, too — all of which goes into a huge bin in her garage labeled ‘charity’. Honestly, it’s a win-win situation: Jen gets to cleanse her home of every trace of Ben and gets to give back to the church.”

Radar Online claims Matthew Perry allegedly likes dating Courteney Cox look-a-likes. A source tells the website; “Matthew had been swiping on his phoneOpens a New Window. and hooked up with four different girls — all of whom were strikingly similar to Courteney. He even mentioned it to them! Each time, he took them for Chinese food — and then said he wanted things to get physical between them.”

The National Enquirer claims Betty White allegedly went to a pet psychic in order to talk to her late dog Dinah. A source tells the magazine; ”Betty became much happier after she started communicating with Dinah again. Dinah reassured her that’s all’s well on the other side.”

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