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People Are Smuggling Mac D’s Into Jail. I have concerns.

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People Are Smuggling Mac D's Into Jail. I have concerns.

A Florida corrections officer (of course it’s Florida) and his wife were arrested Thursday accused of receiving illegal payments to smuggle a phone and fast food into a detention center. According to an inmate, Gary West Alford and his wife Shantica received $500 through a smartphone app for delivery of McDonald’s Quarter Pounder hamburgers and lemon-pepper chicken wings into the jail.

Let me repeat that…FIVE HUNDRED AMERICAN DOLLARS…for quarter pounders and chicken wings.

Do you understand that McDonald’s food is now, literally, on par with illegal narcotics? Welcome to the party, crappy food, you are now bed fellows with heroine, crack, meth and pixy sticks. We now have people risking career and good name to smuggle you into places where denizens of the night get sent for misbehaving. I mean…it’s them and a bunch of people who are probably innocent but too poor to defend themselves…but there are bad hombres in there as well.

I have questions…

Can I make money on the fast food black market? I mean, There is a drive through pretty close to my house and I have a car…
Do fries in jail taste good because they are inherently naughty or are they gross like the fries you find on the kitchen counter when you are hung over the next day?
Does anyone else wonder why the inmate had a smartphone?


(SOURCE: Miami Herald)

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