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Browns Fire Head Coach Hue Jackson

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Browns Fire Head Coach Hue Jackson

Source: Good Parts Media/LarryBownSports

Source:  Larry Brown Sports

The Cleveland Browns have put an end to rampant speculation about the dysfunction of their coaching staff by firing the coach.

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Browns have fired coach Hue Jackson midway through his third season with the team.

The Browns were improved this year, but not enough. After winning just one of his first 32 games in Cleveland, Jackson was 2-5-1 this season — better, but not good enough.

Perhaps more importantly, some of his recent comments painted a picture of chaos and instability behind the scenes on the Cleveland coaching staff. It was initially thought that those issues might cost offensive coordinator Todd Haley his job, but the Browns have removed Jackson instead — probably rightly. He appeared to be the root cause of it all, and it wasn’t as if he was doing much in the way of winning.

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