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Kanye disses the King and Harry wants to be called Rob

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The Independent claims Burger King recently slammed Kanye West after he Tweeted; ”McDonald’s is my favorite restaurant”.Burger King responded; ”Explains a lot” Business Insider claims Kanye once wrote a poem about McDonald’s that read; “McDonalds, damn Them french fries look good tho I knew the Diet Coke was jealous of the fries I knew the McNuggets was jealous of the fries Even the McRib was jealous of the fries I could see it through his artificial meat eyes”

Life & Style Weekly Magazine claims Prince Harry uses a fake name when he enjoys a night out. Jessica Heydel, who stars on MTV’s new reality show “The Royal World”, tells the Daily Mail; “I met Prince Harry once on a night out, probably four or five years ago. His friend introduced him as ‘Rob’. I sat there and I thought, ‘That is Prince Harry, everyone knows that is Prince Harry. My mum told me I could’ve been the Duchess of Sussex — she’s still angry!”

Elite Daily claims John Cena may want to replace Chris Evans as Captain America. He Instagrammed a picture of the Captain America shield before fans reacted…. I’m a life long Marvel fan but these John Cena rumours kill me. Yes he’s a talented actor but Captain America should either be Falcon or Bucky next like it is in the comics. John Cena as the next Captain America is genuinely one of the worst ideas I’ve ever heard.

Closer Weekly Magazine claims Justin Timberlake has been spoiling his wife, Jessica Biel, with jewelry. A source tells the magazine; “He’s spent a fortune on her over the last year, mostly on jewelry, including custom pieces. He’s been so busy on tour and working on new music while Jess is taking care of their son Silas, so there’s been some guilt on his part that he hasn’t been 100 percent involved.

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