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Jason is good at holding it and Jennifer sang at the drive through-

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Life & Style Weekly claims Chris Pratt hopes to marry Katherine Schwarzenegger. A source tells the magazine; “Chris and Anna share custody of Jack, so like any protective mom, Anna was slightly wary about introducing their son to someone new. But once she got to know Katherine that all changed. Anna’s incredibly impressed with how amazing Katherine is with Jack and is relieved that Chris is in a relationship with a kind, loving woman.”

Jason Momoa tells Entertainment Weekly that his Aquaman suit did not allow him to go to the bathroom easily. “It looks like it’s easy to pee in that, But really it’s not. And if you have the poopsies, it is very challenging. You’ve gotta be really good at holding it.” The movie opens on December 21st and is expected to rake in $100 million during its opening weekend

Jennifer Hudson tells People magazine that she used to sing while working at Burger King. “My first and only real job was working at Burger King. I used to sing at the drive-thru window. That was my microphone. My first concert was my own. That was always my promise to myself. I always saved that moment because I said I wanted my first concert to be my own and it was.”

The Hollywood Reporter claims Sony is developing an animated Spider-Man movie with an all-female cast. The movie would be a spin-off


of the upcoming “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” animated film. Possible characters may include Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman, Madame Web, Spider-Girl, and Silk.

US Weekly Magazine claims Jennifer Garner and her new boyfriend, John Miller, are planning a romantic Christmas getaway. A source tells the magazine; ”Jennifer Garner and boyfriend, John Miller, are planning to spend the upcoming holidays together. Thet are planning to go on a romantic getaway. The relationship continues to be extremely serious. John is head over heels in love with Jennifer.”

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8 signs your relationship is solid & built to last

1. You fully support each other.

Whether or not you share each others’ passions or life ambitions, when you truly care about someone, you want to see them succeed and be happy in whatever they love. This means standing beside them, not in their way, when they dedicate effort towards pursuing a goal.

2. You deeply respect each other.

This one needs no explanation: mutual respect between partners in a relationship is paramount to its success. Honesty, trust, friendship, and intimacy all grow from this foundation. Without respect, there’s nothing else.

3. You’re willing to compromise for each other.

While you should obviously be compatible with your teammate, that doesn’t mean you’ll automatically love every single thing they love, and vice versa. If you truly care for someone and their happiness, you’ll be willing to watch, do, see, and experience things they enjoy, as they would do for you in return. Without compromise, we can easily find our relationships resembling a see-saw with a huge boulder on one side — the distribution never shifts. In this case, the boulder represents the wants and needs of one partner. There should be an equal amount of balance in order to keep you both happy and satisfied.

4. You’re similarly ambitious.

We can’t expect our significant other to have an identical plan for their future as we do (see: compromise and mutual support), but it’s reasonable to desire similarities when building a life with someone. Like any team, as a relationship is, the results are best when the members are working towards a common goal together. This goal could even be something so simple as self-improvement. If one teammate is dedicating their life to personal growth, and the other is content with how things are and never displays a desire for change, this can easily create resentment and tension over time.

5. You trust each other with anything.

I’m not sure why this one is so difficult to grasp, but if your boyfriend or girlfriend wants to go out with their friends they haven’t seen in awhile, what’s the harm? A solid relationship won’t be shaken by this simple act, and you’ll know they’ll be back in your arms at the end of the night or the next day. Nothing to see here, kids — move along. If your partner doesn’t trust you and you’ve given them no reason to feel this way, it’s possible they’re projecting their own infidelities or insecurities onto you. In the “ultimate” relationship, both partners have earned each others’ trust and would never do anything to betray it.

6. You never judge each other.

Happiness in a relationship comes from two teammates who are able to be open and honest with each other. That honesty comes from being comfortable to open up and know you won’t be judged. When you’re sharing your life with someone, there’s no room for discomfort, secrets, or lies. Especially secrets or lies that are forced by the inability to be genuine with your teammate. The right person for you will support and encourage you on your journey to becoming the person you want to be, but they’ll also love you as the person you already are.

7. You communicate effectively.

It’s natural to face conflicts when you spend a lot of time with any person, but people in a healthy relationship will resolve any issues by discussing opinions and stances in order to understand each other better, and reach a solution they both agree on. Frequent nasty, vindictive fights are a sign to re-evaluate your “relationship.”

8. You never lose sight of the little things.

The small things you do for someone are what count the most. These are the actions that show your partner you’re willing to put in effort for them, just because. No special occasion or holiday required; you don’t need a schedule to show someone you love them. A happy, healthy relationship will consist of two partners willing to put in equal effort, consistently. Great relationships aren’t about give and take; they’re about give and give.


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