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Breaking and Trending Right Before Your Very Eyes-Thursday

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This is The Holiday Gift Everyone Wants.  Lifesaver Storybooks?  Chia Pet?  Travel PAck of Moist Towelettes?  Can you tell I Christmas Shop at a Gas Station.. From BizJournal

It’s Science-Unicorns were Real..and Looked like Rhinos?  Really freaking Ugly Rhinos.  Check it out HERE   From Nature

Fla. Woman Pulls Knife on Dollar General Shopper Over Loud Farts-Not only pulled a knife but told the guy she was going to “gut him”  Thank You Smoking Gun

Grandfather Labels Himself A Terrorist On Visa Form By Accident...Oops..Thanks to  FOXNews

Traces of Poop Found on McDonald’s Touchscreens Scientists at London Metropolitan University analyzed samples and found a host of infection-causing bacteria, such as Enterococcus faecalis, which is more commonly found in hospitals.  One kiosk was even found to have Staphylococcus, a contagious bacteria that can cause blood poisoning and even toxic shock syndrome.  Story out of the New York Post

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