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Jennifer is getting dating help and Channing is too out of shape to dance-

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Business Times reports Grazia magazine claims Jennifer Aniston is allegedly using a dating coach. A source tells the magazine; “A friend suggested she seek the advice of a professional to help her in the dating game. After her split from Justin [Theroux] she vowed to remain single, but now she’s hoping that she’ll be able to move forward. As well as seeking professional advice, Jen is relying on her friends to set her up on dates. Don’t bother if you’re an East Coast type, want to break into acting [and] don’t like rom-coms.”

The National Enquirer claims Ryan Reynolds has been trying to set Jake Gyllenhaal up on dates. A source tells the magazine; “Jake really loves the relationship Ryan has with Blake, and wants to meet someone like that for himself. He has enjoyed being single, but now he’s finally ready to settle down with the right person. Who better to help him find that person than Ryan? Jake has asked Ryan and Blake to set him up with a few of their friends, and they’re happy to play matchmaker!”

Channing Tatum tells the Evening Standard that he won’t dance in the Magic Mike Live show because he is not in shape. ”I love dancing and I love these guys and performing. But when you stand up there with your shirt off next to them with the way they look … I don’t work out on an everyday basis. I know everyone thinks I do but I do not. If I ever get in that shape again I will absolutely be in the show for a weekend or something.”

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