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Whamageddon ’18: Week 1

La Crosse, WI, United States / Classic Rock 100.1

Another December has come. This time of year used to invoke thoughts of candy canes and twinkling lights…now all I can think about is Andrew Ridgley and what a sad sad life he must lead. Sure, he was the forgettable half of a international super duo…but all he is left with is people avoiding him at Christmas time. I picture him sitting at home on December 25th…a single stocking hung above a modest fire place to match the single tear welling up in his stupid eye…

“Please, Santa, if you’re real…please let someone talk to me this Christmas. I gave my heart away quite awhile ago and, well, I would just like some company. At’s not too much to ask is it, sir? Please.”

You get what you deserve you no good s-o-b. You ruined shopping, parties, being in public…wait…maybe you’re my hero. The source of my pain has become the harbinger of my salvation. This is a weird time of year, man. Anyway…until next time stay vigilant, stay down…stay safe during Whamageddon!

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